Leland, North Carolina

Despite its growth, the town of Leland, North Carolina, is still a place where a sense of community is central to the well-being of its residents and where the pace of life is slow and pleasant.

The number of people calling Leland home has more than quadrupled since the dawn of the new millennium, surprising only those who wonder why the population boom took so long.

Just five minutes from Wilmington’s historic River District, Leland lies along the Brunswick River and is the central hub of Northeast Brunswick County. Boasting an enviable location and a temperate climate, Leland is close to beaches in Brunswick and New Hanover counties and offers a wide variety of homes for those interested in relocating.

Leland, which incorporated in 1989, is just coming into its own as a town. But its history dates back to 1897, when Joseph Gay petitioned the federal government for a post office to be located in the corner of Gay’s General Store. The name Leland was chosen for Gay’s nephew, Leland Adams. From that point, the town began attracting new residents and flourished as a transportation hub along the Brunswick River to the north and Sturgeon Creek to the south.

Leland’s growth has exploded in this century, bringing the town’s population to more than 6,000 residents. That number increased dramatically with the recent annexation of Brunswick Forest, making Leland Brunswick County’s biggest population center. Because of this newfound status, Leland is experiencing tremendous commercial growth along Highway 17, where many new stores and businesses are opening.

Leland is an easy drive from some of coastal Carolina’s top attractions, including Wilmington, Southport, Myrtle Beach and Wrightsville Beach. Many people visit Leland to experience the golf at Green Hills Golf Course and Magnolia Greens Golf Plantation.

Leland’s phenomenal growth continues, but so does its commitment to maintaining a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

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