Shallotte, North Carolina

About halfway between Wilmington and Myrtle Beach lies a town that, despite its steady growth, has managed to preserve its rural, small-town, coastal character. Shallotte, with a central location in Brunswick County and close proximity to the county’s beaches, is attracting ever-increasing numbers of retirees and investors. The Shallotte area presents an array of terrain, from rolling … [Read more...]

Calabash, North Carolina

Nestled on the tidal plains in the southeast corner of North Carolina lies a small fishing village with a timeless legacy and a rich tradition. Situated between the bright lights of Myrtle Beach to the south and the historic charm of Wilmington to the north, Calabash remains a pleasant respite from the modern world. Known as the Seafood Capital of the World, Calabash has become a prime … [Read more...]

Leland, North Carolina

Despite its growth, the town of Leland, North Carolina, is still a place where a sense of community is central to the well-being of its residents and where the pace of life is slow and pleasant. The number of people calling Leland home has more than quadrupled since the dawn of the new millennium, surprising only those who wonder why the population boom took so long. Just five minutes from … [Read more...]

Wilmington, North Carolina

During the 1990s, Wilmington evolved into one of the fastest-growing retiree havens in the region, a trend that continues today. The warm weather, nearby beaches and rich history of the area draw people from across the country to call this famed Cape Fear River town home. Founded by English settlers in 1739, the coastal outpost struggled initially because it was virtually inaccessible. The … [Read more...]

Sunset Beach, North Carolina

Located 44 miles southeast of Wilmington, Sunset Beach, North Carolina, remains one of the last working beach communities in the area. The majority of the town’s residents still make their living by fishing, shrimping and crabbing in the fertile waters that surround the village. They also are famous for the custom, handmade fishing nets they produce and sell to people from around the … [Read more...]

Southport, North Carolina

By a quirk of history, the city of Southport, North Carolina, has retained its idyllic setting to this day. Had the city fathers had their way when the New World was still new, the sleepy little waterfront town would have become the main shipping port in the region. That distinction went instead to Wilmington, and, as a result, Southport remains one of the best places in the country to … [Read more...]

Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina

Almost straddling the border of South Carolina and North Carolina, Ocean Isle Beach is one of North Carolina's southernmost barrier islands. Just over seven miles long, it is a favorite of retirees searching for the idyllic beach lifestyle. Located between the tourist mecca of Myrtle Beach and the historic charm of Wilmington, little is known about its early years, when it belonged to a variety … [Read more...]

Oak Island, North Carolina

For nearly 300 years, the name Oak Island was a misnomer. Not an island at all, it was connected to the mainland by mud flats that flooded with the rising tide. It was not until 1936, when the Elizabeth River was deepened during the final stages of the construction of the Intracoastal Waterway, that Oak Island truly lived up to its name. Because Oak Island was so accessible to land, it served … [Read more...]

Holden Beach, North Carolina

Holden Beach, Island In The Sun Holden Beach just might be the perfect getaway: quaint cottages on a wide beach and a strong historic focus on family fun. The climate is gentle, the pace of life slow and the water calm, making this little island ideal for a quiet family vacation or as a permanent home. Shane Holden, the seventh generation of the Holden family, characterizes it as laid-back. … [Read more...]

Bald Head Island, North Carolina

Bald Head Island, North Carolina, accessible only by boat, Bald Head Island, North Carolina, existed in harmony with nature long before green was fashionable. With more than 1,100 homes in five distinct environments, this extraordinary island has attracted nearly 300 full-time residents. Built with a keen eye toward land management and coastal architecture, Bald Head Island boasts some of the most … [Read more...]