Catalyst Design/Build, Southport, NC

From concept to completion, Catalyst Design/Build projects reflect dreams and personality of the homeowners

If you’re among the fortunate to visit Bald Head Island, chances you’ve admired a Catalyst Design/Build custom home are very good. Peter Quinn, of Catalyst Design, caters to clients who want authentic, custom built homes. “We provide detailed custom houses specific to certain sites and tailored specific to a client,” states Quinn.

Quinn is an articulate architect who has an impressive repertoire. He has contributed his talents toward many commercial projects in New York, including high rises, restaurants, and museums. After venturing out on his own in commercial and residential design, he soon crossed paths and went head-to-head with a contractor. Stereotypically, contractors and designers have different views in the building business, but the two gentlemen shared common visions for better construction strategies and before long, they decided to pool their talents with another contractor. Today three partners offer impeccable customized service and product through their partnership.

From conception to completion, every Catalyst home is the result of an on-going dialogue between client, architect and builder. Working together, considering materials, methods and budgets, the team at Catalyst avoids the delays, confusion and expenses common to translating one firm’s design to another’s construction process.

“With the advantages of both contractor and architect in-house, quality control is superior,” explains Quinn. “The contractor addresses the efficiency and receives constant cost-feedback, while the architect continues to have a hands-on relationship with the project, and is frequently on-site throughout the process. We have separate roles and the synergy between us actually forces us to do our jobs better.” Another unique characteristic of this firm is its reluctance to advertise their product or distinctions. “We have a track record,” says Quinn. “The people who come to Bald Head see the homes we design and build.”

Every home Catalyst constructs reveals the project’s singular nature, as it reflects the grace of the site and is in harmony with the dreams and personality of the owner.

There is a common question that Quinn expects from his clients. “All of our customers live far away; places like California and Massachusetts, and they ask how they will be able to be involved in the building process, he continues.” He assures them by conducting intensive meetings. By listening, asking, analyzing, and engaging each client as a partner in the design and construction, clients are empowered in the designing and building operations. Quinn also regularly emails photos to keep clients abreast of the development.

When asked about current architectural trends, Quinn replied that many clients are opting to build smaller. “Ninety percent of our customers are building second homes,” he notes. “Perhaps their primary residence is large in size, but they are now looking for casual comfort and recognizing personal scale.” In more intricate features requiring more involved design and construction, such as reading nooks, the team’s expert craftsmanship is definitely showcased.

The team at Catalyst Design has a work ethic refreshing in this age of gain. Quinn states, “We are not driven by monstrous profit. We work as if we are, but the real satisfaction is creating something special.” To contact Catalyst Design/Build, please call (910) 457-6718 or visit on-line at

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